Thursday, October 25, 2007

Screen shots - sneak peek!

Keep checking this site for updates!

We'll be posting some screen shots from the game over the next few days.

We're working towards making this the best wrestling DVD board game on the market.

Thanks for your support!


tna said...

I am a huge TNA fan TNA is awesome and I am looking forward to this board game I love TNA and I love buying all the merchandise this board game is going to be cool. My favourite wrestler is AJ Styles so you can guess who I voted for first to be on the cover of the board game. Love AJ Love TNA fron Shaz.

tna said...

TNA is the best

tna said...

THE PHENOMENAL AJ STYLES is the best wrestler in the world. This board game is going to be the best board game ever. Can't wait to buy this board game. Love buying TNA WRESTLING merchandise.

uk tna fan said...

Use loadz of real video clips!!!
we don't want crappy anagram mini-games. BORING!!!
AJ Styles THEE best wrestler in the world today!!!

Game Development Company Ltd. said...

The game includes video footage, images, 3d graphics/animation and much more.

Anonymous said...