Thursday, November 15, 2007

The votes are in!! The fans have decided!

Thank you TNA Wrestling fans for voting on the box cover for the new TNA Wrestling DVD Board Game.

The top 5 stars that you voted for are -

#1 - AJ Styles
#2 - Samoa Joe
#3 - Sting
#4 - Christian Cage
#5 - Kurt Angle

The new box cover will be posted on this blog shortly!! Come back and check it out!!


uk tna fan said...

Now that Booker T is signed could we have him on the box too?? All the biggest names have to be on the box!!!

Matt said...

aj definatly deserves to be on the cover. he made TNA what it is

Game Development Company Ltd. said...

Yes, Booker T is going to be on the box.

AJ said...

Booket T should not be on the box. He's not done anything in TNA to be on the box.

Game Development Company Ltd. said...

We will be posting the updated box cover early next week. What you will see is the top 5 TNA Stars that the TNA FANS voted for on the box cover and other TNA Star and Knockouts on the sides of the box. Booker T will be on the side of the box.

Although Booker T may be new to TNA, he is a star in wrestling and will help TNA get to the next level.

Anonymous said...

owww damn it why ? cant kaz be on the damn cover i know hes not that good but hes stepping up