Friday, November 30, 2007

Voting for "Name the Game" contest begins this Monday (Dec 3,2007)!

Hi everyone,

We have received thousands of submissions for the "Name the Game" contest from TNA fans around the world.

This coming Monday, you will be able to vote for your favorite name.

YOU will choose which name/tag line will go on the first ever edition of the TNA DVD Board Game.

(Please note that the final name/tag line will be subject to final approval from Game Development Company Ltd. and TNA Wrestling and is also subject to legal clearance).

Thank you for your support and participation!


uk tna fan said...

Good. Lets hope I win (LOL)

Is there going to be a prize beside the fact that you get to NAME THE TNA GAME (<<< how cool is that!!!)

Game Development Company Ltd. said...

Yes, we're giving away prize packs for the top 3 finalists.

goldberg said...

how many superstars will be in the game

El Riqueno said...

(Total Nonstop Action: ONSLAUGHT The DVD Board Game) should be the name for the game or (TNA: DVD Board Fury The Board Game)

Game Development Company Ltd. said...

Goldberg -

Most/all of the TNA Stars and Knockouts will be in the game. We're updating the roster on an ongoing basis to keep the roster current. The roster will be finalized once the game is ready to go to the manufacturing stage.

Anonymous said...

High !mpact

nothingislogical said...

TNA: Ultimate iMPACT!

goldberg said...

is there blood in the game

Game Development Company Ltd. said...

For various reasons, the game does not have blood in the game.

aj style said...

why there is no blood in the game

the best thing in the game blood ,many wrestlers and fast moves

Anonymous said...

untile now how many supersturs did you made?

how many supersturs will be?
is it 50 superstar

Game Development Company Ltd. said...

The # of TNA Stars in the game will be finalized just before we go into production. We are constantly updating the roster. There will be 40+ TNA Star cards in
the game and even more throughout the DVD portion of the game.